Deals outside of ebay

The scammer might claim that the order is a gift for his friend or he is moving to a new address. It is not a good practice to deliver the item to an address which has not been changed on the PayPal account because if the fraud occurs the seller will be responsible. It is advised to stay away from such scammers and not fall into their trap.

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Sometimes the fraud can be avoided with common sense and you even need to trust your instincts but the most effective way to avoid a fraud would be to follow the rules and guidance of eBay. Because in case you do get yourself in trouble, it will get easy to save yourself if you have moved according to the rulebook!

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View all posts by: Lynda Boyce. April 11, Lynda Boyce. Once you've received your item and are satisfied with it, leave feedback giving your opinion of the transaction.

Offer to sell outside of eBay - I didn't!!

If their account is relatively new, or they have a low rating from other buyers, tread carefully with any deals. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our.

eBay - Policy on offers to buy or sell outside of eBay - Part 1 - What is the policy?

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The four pitfalls of buying and selling on eBay

They can arrange for payment to be made on delivery, or a seller can accept debit and credit cards with an Internet merchant account. As mentioned previously, eBay Motors users are encouraged to use Escrow, but they can also arrange to use checks, money orders or bank wire transfers in some cases, as can those selling real estate, business capital and equipment or adult-oriented products. EBay prohibits checks, money orders and bank wire transfers for most eBay purchases. Further, eBay warns that eBay users aren't allowed to make, solicit or accept offers for eBay-listed items outside of the eBay platform.

However, buyers may finalize a deal outside of eBay when the seller is willing to end an auction early to sell to the high bidder at the current listed price, no more and no less.

How to report inappropriate buying and selling

On another note, it's important to make a distinction between the eBay Motors site and vehicles listed on the eBay Classifieds site -- two different sites. On eBay Classifieds, deal only privately with buyers and sellers. On eBay Motors, go through eBay and Escrow. If you've finalized a transaction with a buyer and for some reason can't fulfill the order, such as if you lost or broke the item or made a mistake in the listing, eBay allows you to cancel the transaction up to 45 days after you made the sale.