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Keurig 2.0 575 vs. Keurig Vue V500, What’s Best for you?

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Keurig VUE vs Keurig K-Cup (revised) - Which one is the best for you?

All remaining tickets will be available to purchase from the ticket office on racedays. On racedays, the ticket office will open 90 minutes before the meeting start time. Gates open 75 minutes before. The ticket office is also open on non-racedays, opening hours can be found in the footer of this website. I don't know why it didn't work for other people as well. I feel that maybe we were all sold a bill of goods by Keurig on the Vue coffee makers. Many of us bought the more expensive Vue in the belief that Keurig or Green Mountain Coffee would offer us a line of Vue cups as extensive as their Kcup line of coffees.

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Boy, those of us who thought that were sure fooled. Almost two years later and Keurig still offers less than 50 types of Vue cups while its Kcup line is almost types!

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What was Keurig thinking when they put the Vue machine on the market? Simply love it. January 7, - Published on Amazon. This is the product Keurig should have developed to make the Vue a stronger system. Standard K-Cups are everywhere these days and almost every box store has their own variations of K-Cups as well. But Vue? Not so much. We fell in love with the features of the Vue, but after 1. My wife introduced this K2V Cup to me prior to Christmas and try as we might, could not get one until now.

How to use Kcups in Keurig Vue | Kuerig VUE | Keurig, Keurig vue, K cups

It really works well. The brew-your-own fits inside the standard KCup adapter. The adapter has a pointed needle at the bottom to make the hole in the standard KCup plastic bottom. The brew-your-own adapter is hollowed out on its bottom to fit over the needle. On the first usage, I wasn't sure how the standard KCup would fit the adapter. With the brew-your-own adapter out, I slid my first KCup in and knowing I had to puncture with that bottom needle, I simply pressed down until it seated itself in the adapter. There was a very satisfying 'pop' as it punctured and the KCup is nice and snug.

I had no fear of it separating from the adapter. The adapter with KCup fits the Vue system perfectly with no hang ups. I adjusted for my 10oz "thicker" cup of joe and let the Vue do what it does. It works and without any mess. The used KCup is removed by just grabbing its top and lifting out. You have definitely breathed life into our 1. January 21, Edit: I wanted to delve into K Cups themselves. We have found in our daily usage of the K2V Cup and our various K Cups, there is a definite difference between the foils tops on the different brand K Cups.

A little background first - when you insert a K Cup into the K2C Cup, there is a needle at the bottom to penetrate the bottom of the K Cup this produces a nice popping sound.


This also seats the K Cup into the K2V and makes it snug. When you close your Vue door, the needle in the hatch penetrates the foil lid of the K Cup. When you remove the used K Cup, you find the two holes. The foil lid has a nice, neat needle hole as well as the bottom. What we have discovered to date is that Green Mountain branded K Cups have no issue.

The Starbucks branded K Cups also have no issue. So far we have used House and Sumatran.

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  • So far we have only used one box of Daybreak Blend. The foil lid appears thinner or a different material. When you extract the Caribou K Cup, the foil top is completely crushed inward.

    Instead of a neat hole, the foil lid has a large, dime sized hole. This exposes the fine grounds of coffee and we have experienced some grounds in our coffee and machine. I clean these out with a couple small empty runs of water. I also have no problems with this brand in terms of the puncture on the lid being too large.

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    November 28, - Published on Amazon. Today the 18 ounce setting dispensed less than 15 ounces. The attached photograph shows a dissected used "Vue pod" and a dissected used K-Cup.